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        Economic Development Zone, covers an are        [2016-02-15]
      Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 12000 square meters, plant 4000 square meters, the staff of 60 people, including 2 doctors, engineers, mo...    Details
        New products and develop new markets, de        [2016-02-15]
      Jilin City Ming Yuan Science and technology limited company has the means of detection, strong ability to develop and test methods. And the user under...    Details
        Special fiber reinforced materials, chem        [2016-02-15]
      Jilin City Ming Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology leading joint-stock enterprises, located in the beautiful scenery of the Northla...    Details
        Strong ability to develop and test metho        [2016-02-15]
      Strong ability to develop and test methods. And the user undertaking to extend his career, willing to integrity, quality, service for the purpose, and    Details

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