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    1. Your position: Products
      Hot melt adhesive series
      Flexibilizer series
          Nylon flexibilizer
                  Grafting EDPM Detail    
                  Grafting POE Detail    
          MY8900 polyester flexibilizer Detail    
          ABS flexibilizer Detail    
          PC flexibilizer Detail    
      Environmental friendly damping material
          Colorful environmental friendly damping fin Detail    
          ZN- ships and warships used environmental friendly inflaming retarding damping plate Detail    
          ZP expansive type hollow parts acoustic insulating material Detail    
          Damping sheet Detail    
          Environmental friendly damping plate Detail    
          Car body exlusive use damping sound isolation rubber Detail    
          Rail, metro and rim used lubrication block Detail    
      Water paint series
          Double component water stainless steel fingerprint proofing material Detail    
      Special fiber reinforced material
          Carbon fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide Detail    
          Carbon fiber reinforced nylon 66 Detail    
      Chemical auxiliary
          Water-based cleaning agent Detail    
          Water-based antirust agent Detail    
          Low temperature curing polyurethane release agent Detail    
      PVC brightening agent
          PVC brightening agent Detail    

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